Download Universal ADB Driver Latest Version 2021

Do you want to download Universal ADB Driver for your Windows based computer? if yes, then today you are at the right page. Below we have provided the latest version.

Download Universal ADB Driver (UAD) is a GUI-based application that allows you to quickly install the Google ADB Driver on your Computer in few Clicks only.

In Windows 8 (8.1) or 10 64-bit, you are unable to install unsigned drivers because the system enables driver signature enforcement by default.

Here, we have tried to share the latest version of Universal ADB Driver along with the previous releases. If you are searching for Drivers for your Android Device then this is a treat for you.

Universal ADB Driver

Features of “Download Universal ADB Driver”

Quick Installer

One of the best things that I love about Universal ADB driver is that it install within a seconds only. All you have to do is connect your device to your Laptop/PC and launch the Universal ADB driver setup and then follow on screen instructions.

Supports every Device

Universal ADB driver supports almost all the Android devices that are available in the market right. Brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Sony, HTC, etc are supported. It automatically detects the what chipset is inside your device and install the driver accordingly.

Detects Manufacturer & Model

Universal ADB driver automatically detects what’s the name of Manufacturer and what’s your device model number. It shows the complete list of description.

Refresh Button

It allows you to quickly refresh the device list that is attached to the computer. This feature is introduced in version 2.0 and is not available in version 1.0.

Supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10 x86 and x64 Bit

Universal ADV Driver supports all the versions of Windows i.e Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It also detects the BIT of your windows and install the driver accordingly.

File Name Download Tutorial
Universal ADB Driver V1.0 Download How to install
Universal ADB Driver V2.0 Download How to install
Universal ADB Driver V3.0 Download How to install
Universal ADB Driver V4.0 Download How to install
Universal ADB Driver V5.0 – Latest Download How to install


So, this was our article on how to download a universal ADB driver. Here we listed all the versions of the Universal ADB drivers that are available online. If you got some queries then don’t feel hesitate to tell us in the comment section below.

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